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Extended Tcl (TclX) version 8.4 CVS - shared library
Extended Tcl (TclX), is a set of extensions to Tcl, the Tool Command
Language invented by Dr. John Ousterhout. Tcl is a powerful, yet simple
embeddable programming language. Extended Tcl is oriented towards system
programming tasks and large application development.
TclX provides additional interfaces to the operating system, and adds many
new programming constructs, text manipulation tools, and debugging tools.
TclX 8.4 differs from its predecessors in that it is based more on the
idea of TclX as an extension to Tcl, and not an alternate environment.
There is no TkX and no stand-alone shells are built. The tkx*8.4 packages
therefore don't exist anymore.
This package includes the shared library and tcl library files.
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